Cup of coffee per day could keep strokes away

Drinking coffee appears to offer protection against stroke, a major study concludes.

Those in the study who drank more than a cup of coffee a day had a 22 percent to 25 percent lower risk of stroke than those who drank less, according to a report in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

The study looked only at women, following more than 34,000 women 49 to 83 years old for an average of 10 years.

But another study done by the same Swedish researcher in 2008 on men who drank coffee or tea had similar results.

The findings add to a growing body of research showing coffee appears to have hidden health perks.

Just what it is about coffee that aids health isn’t certain, but it contains large amounts of health-promoting antioxidants.

Other research has suggested that coffee can help prevent cognitive decline and boost vision and heart health. It’s also associated with a reduced risk of liver cancer.

Gannett News Service